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4 December 2017

Secular Hall
75 Humberstone Gate, Leicester LE1 1WB



Children and young people looking for places of refuge are making journeys that are unimaginable to many people in Britain and Europe. Some are dying along the way and are being buried unnamed in makeshift graves or their bodies are washing up on Europe’s shores. Those who survive are experiencing avoidable, cruel and extreme hardship.

What are people up and down the country (and on the continent) doing to support the children and young people who are looking for refuge? What more needs to be done? And, what can people in Leicester and beyond do to support these efforts?

Speaking on these and related questions are:

Alison Birch, After18 manager
Mita Pujara, Pan Intercultural Arts associate director
Liz Clegg, founder of MEENA and The ‘Unofficial’ Women and Children’s Centre in the Calais ‘Jungle’, and
● Professor Jo Phoenix, an Open University academic with an interest in issues around justice, gender and young people.

The conversation will be chaired by Dr Pierre Monforte who is an Associate Professor of Sociology in the School of Media, Communication and Sociology at the University of Leicester.


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